Leslie L:

Cheryl was my first experience using a virtual assistant, and I was more than happy with my decision to go virtual. She is amazingly easy to work with while being quite conscientious and proud of her work product. She is pleasant in all communications, whether email or phone, and that includes paying customers, where it really matters!  She was extremely responsive to my needs, even the last-minute surprises all business owners get, and creative at problem-solving. I found her to be exceptionally reliable, trustworthy and adaptable. She was an excellent return on my investment! I highly recommend Cheryl Bruntel of A-Z Admin Services for all your administrative needs!

Linda T:

Cheryl has been an amazing help to me! I do not know what I’d so shout her assistance. She’s very efficient and definitely gets any job done! Small or large. I highly recommend her services!

Jean H:

“When I started working with Cheryl, it was my first experience with a virtual assistant. I was hesitant to give her all of my admin work but over time, she has proven herself to be the consummate professional, able to handle my billing and all my travel. She has given me the gift of time and also confidence that the work is being done well. I highly recommend Cheryl for any small business owner. “

Jessica G:

“Cheryl is like the Mary Poppins of administration. She comes into a company and learns what makes it tick and finds a way to make it run smoothly that fits with the company’s structure. Her skillset allows her to adapt easily and perform all types of administrative tasks.

Her attention to detail and pride in her work shine through in everything she does. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who goes above and beyond in her work!”

Ned B:

“Cheryl is a pleasure to work with! She is very efficient and extremely organized. She has helped me with many items and projects and I would recommend her highly to anyone.”

Peter J:

“What I appreciate most is that Cheryl will take on any task, irrespective of whether it’s been done before or not, and turn her mind and hand to getting it done as well as possible. Her commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism makes her a “go to” person for our business.”

Ben K:

“Cheryl is all of the following; efficient, accurate, accommodating, and excellent proof reader but above all she has the willingness to help get the job done. Her talents and value put her at a great return on investment.  I highly recommend Cheryl Bruntel.”

Jim S:

“I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl for many years whilst in my previous company. She supported our efforts in a wide variety of ways, primarily within the remit of administration, but more and more frequently as a valued and highly appreciated project team member.

Cheryl always finds a way to help and never shirks away from a task. She has an excellent attention to detail and timing, and her communications around a topic are always pitched at the right level.

Not only is she a great team player but she is also a lovely person and I wish her every success in her new ventures.”

Lynda W:

“I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl for almost three years whilst at MMR/MMS, for the last year we worked more closely on a number of projects communicating across the pond, from market research to marketing, event planning and business reporting. I discovered Cheryl is highly professional, flexible, a great team player and has an excellent understanding of the more complex functions of the software used which allowed the team to deliver high quality results and without exception the quality of work Cheryl delivered, often to tight deadlines could not be faulted. She was a highly valued, personable and hard working member of the team who has broad business experience and is an excellent communicator. I wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend her services and for a variety of projects as she is a very capable lady who can turn her hand to and make light work of any administrative task – I wish her every success with her new business venture.”

Helen T:

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Cheryl throughout her time at MMRG. She made my job easier with her proactive nature and attention to detail. Cheryl was a real team player, showing great efficiency, organization and time-management skills; never losing sight of the overall objective.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl to any organization. Whether we were distanced by the Atlantic, or situated in the same office, she maintained the same friendly and professional dedication to any task.”

Glenn M:

“Cheryl is a superb administrator with whom I was extremely comfortable in completing any task with proficiency and timeliness. In addition Cheryl was proactive in bringing forward recommendations on how to streamline and enhance day to day activities.”